Nevis Disaster Management Multi Hazard Campaign Earthquake‏

As the Nevis Disaster Management launches its 12 Month Multi-hazard school based campaign, we are pleased with our partnership with the department of education to make this journey possible.  Our campaign begins this month and with focus on Earthquake.

The Charlestown Primary School will be the face of this month’s campaign, educating the public on the effects, dangers and accurate responses that are associated with such a natural hazard. It is the hope of the departments of Disaster Management and Education that thru this campaign more of our citizens will be made aware of the real threat of an Earthquake’s impact and the before, during and after responses to such an impact. There is no doubt that acceptance and practice of such responses will greatly lessen the damages and casualties associated with an Earthquake’s impact.

In a blitz of print and electronic media, the students of Charlestown Primary will take center stage, as they promote a culture of safety and preparedness as it refers to Earthquakes.

Be sure to visit our website and social media pages for videos, ads, PSAs and other information from the Charlestown Primary School as the help us prepare for Earthquakes.

As stated by the University of the West Indies, there might be varying levels of earth quake activity but no island in the region is safe from the real threat of an Earthquake’s impact.  

Are you ready?

Be sure to always do the DCH…. Drop! Cover! Hold on!! 

The Nevis Disaster Management Department continues to prepare a nation to save lives.

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