Athletes Perform Creditably At Inaugural Field Events

By: Curtis Morton

A selected number of athletes created history on Thursday 26th March, when they participated in the inaugural field events for the inter primary sports meet for 2015.

For the first time in the history of the event, the organizers have introduced a child friendly field events component, which although competitive in nature, will also be utilized as a developmental phase for the children as they venture into this new area of endeavour.

Additionally, the points from the field events will not be added to and therefore will not affect the points that will be tallied on April 1st when the track events aspect of the prestigious meet will be staged.

The field events were held at the ‘Flats’ in Cole Hill and featured two events: The standing long jump and the cricket ball throw.

They were open events for boys and girls and the selected athletes from each school, were allowed three attempts each, before the top three placers were determined in each category.

The final top results were as follows:

Cricket Ball Throw – Open Girls
1st – Charisma Kelly – IWPS – 43.54m
2nd – Annique Williams – SJPS – 42.89m
3rd – Jashelle Weekes – CPS – 38.96m

Cricket Ball Throw – Open Boys
1st – Quelegl Roberts – EPPS – 65.30m
2nd – Peter Charles – VOJN – 62.75m
3rd – Samuel Ortiz – EPPS – 61.50m

Standing Jump – Open Girls
1st – Shania Somersall – JLPS – 1.92m
2nd – Jashelle Weekes – CPS – 1.92m
3rd – Shadi Bridgeman – EPPS – 1.80m

Standing Jump – Open Boys
1st – Ramon Vasquez – EPPS – 2.00m
2nd – Jereece Browne – JLPS – 2.00m
3rd – Reon Solomon – JLPS – 1.99m

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