By:Curtis Morton

Coach of the Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School, Adelvin Phillip was given a surprise out of this world, when the teachers, athletes and parents of the EPPS joined together to give him a grand surprise on Wednesday 23rd March.
As far as he knew, the EPPS athletes were scheduled to have a grand pre Inter- primary motorcade on that day and Coach Phillip assisted with the planning of the event.

Coach Phillip even drove the lead pick up for the motorcade.

The motorcade officially commenced at the school and journeyed through Church Ground, through Prospect; deliberately passing close to the Ivor Walters primary school, where there ensued a friendly but intense exchange between the students of EPPS and the students at the IWPS, as both schools warmed up for the grand event on March 30th.

The revelers continued through Brown Pasture; through Gingerland and back to the school.
Here it is where things got really interesting.

To his surprise, Coach Phillip became the star of a surprise ceremony, where he was hailed as a super hero for the school, having led them to four consecutive Inter primary B division championships and willing him on to complete the fifth win this year.

He received a plaque and a gift basket among other presentations.
In his response, Phillip thanked all who had assisted him on the journey of success, including the athletes, teachers; parents and other coaches.
Speakers at the event included past headmistress Marion Lescott; Joseph Liburd and Kurvin Wallace.

Entertainment was provided by soca artiste DELI RANKS and some of the school’s dancers.

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