Green Leads at CPS After Cross Country Events

By:Curtis Morton

Parents, siblings, other relatives and friends, showed up in their numbers to witness the conclusion of the cross country events at the Charlestown Primary school for 2016, on Friday 5th February. .

They lined the route which commenced at the back of the school and saw the athletes head down the Marion Avenue; past the Maude Cross Prep school and make the incline back to the school.

All the while, you knew that something important was happening as the Police sirens blared incessantly.

At the end of the races for that day, the top placers were as follows;
Intermediate boys-Grades 3 & 4
1. Cjahnte Griffin-Green
2. Jariel Heisell-Blue
3. Zidan Hull-Green
4. Tray Hamilton-Blue
5. Tesean Newton-Blue

Intermediate girls –grades 3&4
1. Rashida Martin-Green
2. Thelisha Walters-Blue
3. Anihra Wilkes-Blue
4. Kaliyah Jones-Red
5. Ny’shira Elliot-Green
Junior boys-grades 5&6
1. Ka-Marley Newton-Green
2. Da-kwuon Wyatt-Blue
3. Jadan Liburd-Red
4. Jaquon Andrew –Green
5. Kadeem Whyte-Green
Junior girls- grades 5&6
1. Esther Villanueva-Gomez-Red
2. Shanae Grant-Green
3. Sarah Ghandeo-Red
4. Sequia Williams-Blue
5. Ana Torres-Green
The updated point standings after the cross country events on Friday are as follows:
Green house-902 points
Blue house -894 points
Red house-828 points

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