An impressive march past signaled the start of the annual sports meet of the St. Thomas’ Primary School, held on Wednesday 9th March.

The meet which commenced at 12.50 pm at the school’s grounds, featured the distinguished husband and wife team of Trevor and Melrose Parry, as the celebrated patrons of the day.

Three houses: Green Sparrows; Blue hawks and Orange Eagles, then marched impressively around the grounds, much to the approval of the many spectators on hand.

Then the real action started.

The children competed fiercely in the 400; 200; 60;

80; 100; 4X100; 800 and 4X400 meters events.

As the afternoon progressed, the intensity of the support grew, as parents and other family members screamed their support for their children and horns blared incessantly as the ‘flew’ down the track.

Several records were shattered as well and the pundits have concluded that the St.Thomas’ Primary School will be one school to keep a close eye on at the grand Inter Primary meet, slated for March 30th.

At the end of the day, the actual points were not immediately available but the results were as follows:

Green Sparrows-champions

Blue Hawks-second

Orange Eagles-third

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