A Million Penny Pay-Off ! The Children’s Home Celebrates 65 years of care.

Watch the cents, and the dollars look after themselves – or so the saying goes and that was nowhere more evident than at the joyous celebration held on Saturday at the St Christopher Children’s Home.

The Home were honoured and pleased to host a Ceremony of Thanksgiving for some of their most loyal supporters.

Board members and Staff, dressed in crisp white uniforms donated by Sun Island Clothing, welcomed 40 special guests made up of former staff and residents, volunteers, consultants, benefactors and dignitaries, to a tea party to mark the 65th Anniversary of the founding of the Home.

Following a thoughtful invocation by former resident Myrtle Bailey, the guests – including the Hon. Eugene Hamilton, and His Excellency Ambassador Designate Sam Condor – were formally welcomed by Board Chairman Sebastian Mottram.

Mr. Mottram rolled back the years and related how Mrs. Millicent “Millie” Neverson launched the “Million Penny Scheme” in 1935. She had identified the need for a place of security for vulnerable youngsters.

Her aim was to raise enough funds to provide a dedicated building that could be used as a home. By asking the community to donate just a penny in old money, enough funds were collected to start the ball rolling. The Home became a reality with the proceeds of that scheme, supplemented by a grant from the British Government and the Home opened in 1950.

In grateful recognition of the vision, determination and accomplishment of Mrs. Neverson, a plaque – sponsored and installed by Caribbean Crafts and Graphics – was unveiled by former resident and Customer Services Representative of CIBC First Caribbean Bank Miss Alicia Whyte.

An award ceremony followed with certificates, generously framed by Harper’s Office Supplies presented by the Administrator Margaret Stevens to a range of benefactors. Ms. Stevens said “I especially want to thank those who, like Millie Neverson, have acted with selfless and long standing generosity which has brought comfort, sustenance and joy to residents, over many years”. Those honoured are:

Alpha 8 – financial support
Gregory Bowrin – IT support
Mr & Mrs Brand, Island Bakery – 18 years of free bread delivery
Dr Ravi Chinnaswamy, Blake & Assocs. – comprehensive pro-bono dental care
Pastor Connor, Antioch Baptist Church – spiritual guidance and school supplies
Delisle Walwyn Group of Companies – Financial and practical support
DeZen Family and Marriott Group – Financial, practical and technical support
Laura Getz – Volunteering, nurturing and mentoring
Michael “Illa”Glasford – Transport and logistics.
Warrington Grant, Springfield Egg Farm – 30 years of supplying eggs and farm produce.
Joyce Gyimah – General benefaction with a specialty in Banana Bread.
Sylvester “Socrates” Hodge – Logistics and mentoring
Innov8 – Benefactors and Humanitarians from Windsor Medical University
Connie Jaynes – Co-Founder of The Friends, volunteering, nurturing and mentoring
Salisha Khan – Marking every resident’s birthday with a special event
Mahesh Nariani, Sun Island Clothing – Financial & practical support
Linda Nottingham – Friends co-founder, volunteering, nurturing and mentoring
John & Brenda Scanelli – Financial & practical support
Barry Wyatt – Logistics and practical support
Zuliani Family, Royal St Kitts Hotel – Financial, practical and technical support

Ms. Stevens also thanked the many people and groups who have willingly donated their time, resources and prayers to the children of the Home.

Guests were entertained with a heart-warming poem of thanks from resident Ikesha, then invited to inspect the home and take refreshments in the library. Former residents shared their memories of their stay at the Home and marveled at the many improvements the home has undergone over the years.

If you’d like to find out more about how you can help the children, visit their website http://www.stchristopherchildrenshome.org
or call Margaret Stevens on 465 4007 or 766 4007

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