ALLS STARS WIN Cricket Contest at Cotton Ground Fun day

The Cotton Ground community hosted a family fun day at the Cotton Ground playing field on Sunday 4th May.
Apart from the food and drinks that were on sale and the continuous music, the main attraction was a series of matches between specially invited teams. The participating teams were: All Stars; Calypso; South Warriors and Highlights.

It came down to the grand finals between South Warriors and All Stars and All Stars won that game quite easily.
Summary of matches:

Calypso V South Warriors
South Warriors 138 for 7 in 15 overs: Anand 45; Rakeesh 39
Derrick Parry and S. Herbert got two wickets each
Calypso 64 for 8 in 15 overs: Dennis Sargeant 12; Marvin Hamilton 11
Blair; Persaud and Rakeesh all got 2 wickets each
South Warriors won by 74 runs

All Stars v Highlights
Highlights 115 for 5 in 15 overs: Xavier Cornelius 28; Winston Sutton 26*; Bervis Burke 18*
Balgobin got 2 wickets
All Stars 115 for 5 in 14.4 overs: Stuart Williams 35; Shelton Forbes 19*
Winston Sutton 2 wickets
All stars won by 5 wickets

South Warriors v Calypso
Calypso 65 for 7 in 15 overs: D. Jeffers 19
Blair 3 wickets
South Warriors 66 for 6 in 9.5 overs: Rakeesh 30; Anand 21
S Jeffers 2 wickets
South warriors won by 4 wickets

South Warriors v All stars
All Stars 80 for 3 in 8 overs: Alex Williams 35; Ross Powell 18; Philo Wallace 15
Blair got 2 wickets
South Warriors 47 for 5 in 8 overs: Kat 15; Anand 13
Jamie Cornelius 2 wickets
All Stars won championship honours by 33 runs

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