Ambassador Condor Delivers Remarks at Scholarship Jazz Luncheon in East Hanover, New Jersey

New York, June 03, 2016 (SKN Permanent Mission to the United Nations)—On Sunday, May 29, 2016, His Excellency Sam T. Condor, Ambassador to the United Nations, delivered remarks to an enthusiastic audience attending the 26th Annual Thomas A. Nelson Jr. Scholarship Jazz Luncheon at the Hanover Manor in East Hanover, New Jersey.

Ambassador Condor commended the Sons and Daughters of St. Christopher for “successfully managing to bring people from all walks of life together.” In fact, he stated “The visionaries of this robust organizations with the most noble of ideas, has passed the public service baton from one generation to the next by successfully growing an organization that has maintained its Kittitian and Nevisian heritage.”

Founded in 1942, the organizers of the Scholarship Luncheon, The Sons & Daughters of St. Kitts Benevolent & Charitable Society of New Jersey, Inc., aim to bring nationals of the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis together while recognizing the value of the success of young people in academia. The organization hosts various initiatives including a Bowling Party, a Calypso Dance, an Annual Summer Picnic and the Anniversary Celebration of the founding of the organization in March. This year marks the 74th anniversary celebration of the organization and no doubt, the members of the organization are already planning for the 75th anniversary celebrations in 2017.

Ambassador Condor marveled at the organization’s rich and long history positing, “This has been no easy feat and most likely has come to fruition as a result of self-sacrifice, moral and financial support and many sleepless nights.”

A number of scholarships were awarded to students during the Luncheon in recognition of their academic success. Ambassador Condor reminded scholarship recipients to “pay it forward.” Sow seeds of success in your academic pursuits and upon attaining success, impart the gifts you have been afforded to those who will come after you.”

In closing, he commended the Sons and Daughters of St. Christopher for their commitment to doing their part to effectuate change in the lives of all humanity through the various initiatives spearheaded by the organization over the years.

“I pray God’s continued blessings on your organization and the people whose lives your work continues to transform,” declared Ambassador Condor.

Ambassador Condor is slated to attend several other events hosted by nationals residing in the Diaspora.

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