Ambrose Opens Up About Former Teammates

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LONDON, England (WICB) — Who was the Caribbean side’s best trainer – and worst driver!?

Test-match sides never had it easy facing Curtly Ambrose and co – but what were the West Indian boys like behind closed doors?

We asked fast-bowling great Ambrose, a man with 405 Test wickets and 225 ODI scalps, discuss the men he teamed with between 1988 and 2000.

So read on to hear which Caribbean star played with the most flair, who had the best throw – and who needed to be more switched-on while driving…

Who was the worst loser?

All the senior guys took losing to heart and a lot harder than some of the youngsters, who didn’t always understand the game the way we did. Courtney Walsh and myself, especially if we didn’t bowl well, felt we should take a lot of the blame – but I got more upset than Courtney!

Who was most likely to sleep with their bat?

Jimmy Adams, who is now coaching at Kent, and Shivnarine Chanderpaul may have done something like that.

Shiv Chanderpaul may have been tempted to bed down with his bat

Who played with the most flair?

Carl Hooper. He played exciting cricket but also thrived under pressure.

Who was the best and worst trainer?

Richie Richardson was the best trainer, while Brian Lara was the worst, albeit only early in his career.

Who had the gun arm?

Sir Vivian Richards had a pretty good throw but Nehemiah Perry, an off-spinner, had a fantastic arm.

Sir Viv likes his golf and always had a strong arm, says Curtly

Who was the best parker of a car and who was the worst?

The best was Courtney but the worst was certainly Sherwin Campbell, who once knocked some workmen off a plinth and didn’t even realise it!

Who was the most musical?

Me, of course, by a long, long way! My favourite instrument to play is the bass guitar but I also play a bit of drums.

Who was the biggest joker?

Kenny Benjamin and Curtly Ambrose, in that order. We played quite a few pranks together.

Who spent the longest in front of the mirror?

Keith Arthurton. He was always putting something on his face, as was Franklyn Rose.

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