Bath United Football Club Presents Annual Gifts of School Supplies –Complements of The MV Apple Syder

Thursday 25th August was a very significant day for the Bath United Football club and its members.

On that day, the club hosted its now annual Football festival and also made the presentation of school supplies to the young Footballers who participated in a recent Football camp, coordinated by the club.

The school supplies included school bags, exercise books, pens, pencils and rulers.

The over 50 children who participated in the recent Football camp hosted by the club, were the proud recipients of the gifts, which were made possible, through the MV Apple Syder and more specifically, through Captain Frankie and his wife. They also received certificates of participation in the camp.

The various aged youthful Footballers engaged in friendly matches amongst themselves, under the close supervision of the coaches.

Later, the presentation ceremony was held and this was ably chaired by Coach of the Bath United Football Club, Alex Claxton.

The parents present assisted with the presentations to the over 50 individuals.

Captain Frankie was unavoidably absent, due to a family emergency.

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