Best of the Best Kaiso Bacchanal Culturama 39

By: St. Clair Sazam Hull

(CHARLESTOWN NEVIS)- The Cultural Complex, Charlestown Nevis was the venue for the St. Kitts versus Nevis Best of Best Kaiso Bacchanal Competition on the night of Monday, July 29, 2013.

Four of each island’s top calypsonians competed against each other.

At the end of the night veteran calypsonian Keith ‘Dis N Dat’ Scarborough received the approval of the six- member judge panel that he had outperformed his competitors. He amassed 805 points with his songs, ‘A Chance to Shine’ and ‘Leave the Calypso to Me’.

The first runner up position went to the legendary King Starshield out of St.Kitts with 797 points. He sang, ‘The Good Shepherd’ and ‘Nation’s Pride’. He captivated the audience with lyrics as they sang along with him proving that good social commentaries still have an appeal.

In third position, was Carlisle ‘Bhingi’ Pemberton who returned to the art form, after a seven year hiatus. He amassed a total of 763 points with two of his popular songs,’ Imagine’ and ‘Don’t Mess With Me Culture’.

The other contestants who participated in the contest were Astro, Pupa Wheeler from Nevis and Rudder, Jackie, and Sacrotes from St. Kitts.

The show was held as part of the activities for Culturama 39.

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