By:Curtis Morton

It was the penultimate school sports meet for the year and even though it commenced late, there was much excitement in store for the sizeable crowd that gathered.

It was the big day for the athletes at the Charlestown preschool, on Wednesday 23rd March, held at the ET Willet Park.

The three houses-Red, Blue and Green made a solid impression as they marched smartly past patron for the day, Miss Lavern Farrell, a past student and athlete of the school, standing alongside, hard working headmistress, Mrs. Brenda Smithen-Williams.

Immediately after, they engaged in a number of races, which included: flat races; hurdles; obstacle race; endurance race; relay races and many more.

At the end of the day, the Blue team was the dominant force, winning by a wide margin.

Final scores:

Blue house -368 points-champions

Red house 310 points-second

Green house 221 points-third

Today Thursday 24th March, the final school sports meet will be held as the students at the Little Stars Nursery at Victoria Road, will have their day in the sun, starting at 1 pm.

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