Brown Hill Community Salutes Fishermen

By: Curtis Morton

Brown Hill-Nevis—The Brown Hill Community held its community day on Friday 15th May 2015 at the Masie Bartlette Community Center.

On that day, the focus was on the Fishermen of Brown Hill—past and present.

The theme for the day’s activities was: “Fishing: Our present; our past; our future”

Community Development Officer, Ms. Malva Rawlins noted that Brown Hill has been a very vibrant fishing community in the past and the fishermen have made and continue to make a very significant contribution to the village and the wider community, so they felt it necessary to feature them in this way.

Several display tables were set up and on display were profiles of some of the fishermen; the names of most of the fishermen from the area; tools of the trade and a miniature replica of the boat previously used by deceased fisherman, George Bartlette.

Many persons who visited the center were treated to snacks of fried fish, balahoo, fish patties, saltfish balls; fishcakes and gars.

Another feature for the day was a presentation by Mrs. Janice Hodge of the group ‘This is who we are SKN’. She made a presentation to the seniors and other persons present about the ongoing project which is being administered by the Department of Maritime Resources on St.Kitts and the Nevis Historical and conservation Society in Nevis.

She spoke about the significance of the narrows as an important marine area; as it provides a sea grass bottom, a feeding area and breeding ground for sea creatures. She also appealed to her listeners to do their bit in the preservation of such areas.

Mrs. Joan Pemberton spoke on behalf of her late husband William ‘Shorty’ Pemberton who previously used the boat ‘Follow Me’. She spoke of his contribution to the community through his fishing trade.

One of the past fishermen, Mr. Claude Claxton spoke about how he started fishing at age 13 when his father who was an established fisherman, fell ill.

He previously used two boats, ‘Lady Lane’ and ‘Lady Belle’.

Mr. Elmo Liburd spoke about the fishing exploits of his father, Donald Liburd.
The former educator noted that his father not only helped to feed the village but also supported his family.

Mr. Mikey ‘Spring’ Williams, one of the youngest fishermen on the island noted that he learnt his trade from some of the older fishermen in the village and he is now one of the leading fishermen around.

He spoke of ‘White Hole’, close to Rhidonda as a good spot for big catches.
He is also a Scuba Diving Instructor and boat builder.
He used the opportunity to advise young people to make fishing a career stating it pays.

The activities at the Center started at about 10.30 am and went up to late in the afternoon.

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