Citizenship by Investment Unit Launches New and Interactive Website

Basseterre, St. Kitts, January 26, 2017 (SKNIS): The St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU) launched a new and interactive web portal as part of its rebranding process on Thursday, January 26. The web portal was designed and developed by Open Interactive, a private organization founded by Stachio Williams.

Prime Minister Harris (2nd left), Stachio Williams (left), Les Khan (2nd right), and Adam Anderson ( right) of Open Interactive

Les Khan, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at CIU, said that the website has a number of additional features that caters to all parties involved.

“This is not geared towards only clients or potential applicants. It is also geared towards and will be focused on service providers and developers. So we will have a portal for service providers who will have access to update their information and also the portal for developers,” said the CEO. “One of the additional features of this website is the FAQ’s. The FAQ’s is made up of not only what is in the existing website but basically based on all the questions that have been asked of us over a period of time. So we tried to give the potential clients as much information.”

Mr. Khan explained the aim of the website is to capture potential applicants.

“Our objective as we go forward in terms of marketing and developing our product is to try to capture the applicant wholly so that when he/she comes in – we will call it lead generation, we get a lead and where do we direct that lead? We will capture as much information about the applicant and then eventually pass it through a service provider,” he said. “The objective there is to cut off as many of the agents that are out there who are capturing large fees from the applicant and we want those fees to be here on the island. We want to capture that here through our service providers. As we move forward, it would be geared towards generating much more business for local service providers.”

Prime Minister, Dr. the Honourable Timothy Harris, recognized the team from Open Interactive, as well as Les Khan and his hard working and dedicated team.

PM Harris shakes hands with founder of Open Interactive, Stachio Williams

“Today, we witnessed a collaborative effort and in particular, I want to start by commending Open Interactive and its principals Stachio Williams and Adam for their hard work in collaborating with the CIU and by extension the government, in ensuring that our efforts at rebranding of our CIU and more importantly our economic investor citizenship programme are sustained and bear fruit,” said Dr. Harris. “Equally, I want to commend Les Khan, the CEO for his leadership in this effort because notwithstanding the new controls that we have implemented in the programme, we have a duty to sell those changes, the differences and the benefits of the reforms, not just to other governments but those who demand the product.”

Prime Minister Harris said that they have ensured that persons who are interested in information regarding the Citizenship by Investment Programme can obtain it “quickly, easily and in a way that is most interactive and facilitating because the programme is designed to ensure user friendliness”.

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