Contestant Number 2 – Vanessa Destouche

Bio of Contestant Number 2 for the Miss Farm Queen Pageant- Vanessa Destouche

Vanessa Destouche
Vanessa Destouche

Beautiful, talented, energetic, ambitious and cheerful are just a few words to describe this rare gem, 18 year old Vanessa Destouche. One of Vanessa’s favorite quotes in life is “the sky is the limit”. She believes that once you have passion, faith and work hard, you can achieve anything. Vanessa’s dream is to become a young entrepreneur, owning a line of supermarkets.

In her spare time Vanessa enjoys reading, cooking, singing and hanging out with her friends and family. Vanessa took an interest in pageantry when she entered the Miss.CSS competition in 2011 and Miss. Culture Queen Pageant in 2013.

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