Contestant Number 6: Miss Carolyne Kandall




Miss Kentucky Fry Chicken - Carolyne Kendall
Miss Kentucky Fry Chicken – Carolyne Kendall

On a beautiful April morning, this Aries beauty was born to Carla Kandall and Wilford Kandall. Carolyne Kandall is presently a third former at the Charlestown Secondary School. This 15 year old Gem hails from Kildonan Corentyne Berbice, Guyana and now resides on the beautiful island of Nevis. This talented beauty can be described as a teen with an abundance of aspiration and inspiration as she confidently takes on the journey to her success.

In keeping up with her straight A’s, this 3rd form student, through her courage, vibrancy, intelligence and talent, aspires to become a doctor. The last of 4 children, Carolyne has learnt responsibility from an early age. Her appreciation for her parents and the support she receives from them, are the main driving forces that pillars her life.

While this is Carolyne first pageant she is no stranger to the stage as she has compeated as a Junior Calypsoian for the past 3yrs in the Junior Calypso show here in Nevis.While a beauty in her own right, Carolyne enjoys singing, and reading, loves the colour yellow and is inspired by her siblings. She hopes to bring originality and creativity to the first ever Miss Teen Nevis 2013.

Carolyne’s favorite quote is “work hard in silence and let success make the noise.” This quote simply describes Carolyne’s way of life since she is always quiet but extremely hard working. Carolyn message to you is never give up in what you believe in, God will make away where there seems to be no way.

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