Development Bank sponsors Claytonia Daniel for Miss Culture 2016/17

Charlestown, Nevis (June 22, 2016) — The Development Bank of St. Kitts and Nevis continues in its quest to promote the cultures of the people of St. Kitts and Nevis, and according to Ms Hyacinth Pemberton the Manager at its Nevis branch, this was reaffirmed with the bank’s partnership with the Culturama Secretariat in the hosting of Culturama 42.

“The Development Bank of St. Kitts and Nevis has over the years been actively involved in social investing within our communities,” said Ms Pemberton. “Last Friday June 17 the bank became the proud sponsor of Ms Claytonia Daniel, one of the four contestants for the upcoming Miss Culture Queen Pageant.”

Ms Pemberton explained that when Culturama 42 was launched the four contestants for the Miss Culture Queen Pageant randomly picked their sponsors, and she is satisfied that as a sponsor, the Development Bank has a contestant who has a rich background in pageantry and shows promise.

“Ms Claytonia Daniel is well known in the Nevisian community having been a Junior Minister for Tourism while she was in high school,” observed Ms Pemberton. “She presented the island of Nevis with aplomb and this pedigree has continued to blossom in her, as she is currently the Miss Rex 2016, a crown she won at UWI in Jamaica where she is studying.”

The Miss Culture Queen Pageant contestant was on Tuesday June 21 introduced to members of staff at the Nevis branch office of the Development Bank where she was accompanied her doting father, Mr Clayton Daniel, who is well known for the role he plays in promoting Nevis’ tourism product.

Claytonia was born in the village of Butler’s on August 25, 1995 to Ermine and Clayton Daniel, the third of four children. According to her biography, at the tender age of five she knew that she would like to make her impact on the world. It was therefore no surprise when the year 2006 gave rise to her interest in pageantry where she entered the then Gingerland Primary School pageant where she placed first runner up.

“When I was in high school I entered the Miss Gingerland Secondary School Pageant,” added Claytonia. “And also I am a member of the Wesleyan Holiness Church in Butler’s and as a Christian I entered their pageant. It was not a prize giving pageant – it was just to show about the Woman of the Bible and I entered that show as well.

“My sister entered the 2012 Miss Culture, and I was behind the stage as one of the assistants for her. So I was helping her in her quest to become Miss Culture, but unfortunately she did not get the crown, she became 2nd Runner-up.”

Her chaperone is the St. Kitts-based Ms Janet Johnson who is a former Miss Green Valley Queen, and who was the chaperone for back to back Miss National Carnival queens, Ms Tishima Browne (2014/2015), and Ms Orgel Erskine (2015/16). Ms Johnson is the elder sister to former Miss Caribbean Culture Queen, Ms Treveicia ‘Barbie’ Adams, and was also her chaperone.

Apart from promoting the culture of her people through pageantry which she is currently doing at the University of the West Indies in Jamaica where she won the Miss Rex Nettleford Hall 2016 show, she has had to also educate her fellow students about her beautiful country St. Kitts and Nevis.

“In my capacity as Miss Rex 2016 I have of course been educating all the persons in my hall about my island,” she said.

“I have a love for my country. It is a love that has grown – it has blossomed, and for my country I have always wanted to be an ambassador. I have been an ambassador before, so that is why I have entered the Miss Culture competition itself because currently even though I am not queen as yet, I know that I am in the capacity of an ambassador and to promote my country I have been doing it while in Jamaica.”

The Miss Culture contestant is equally happy to have the Development Bank of St. Kitts and Nevis as her sponsor, and has promised to be its ambassador because the bank plays a crucial role in the development of the country, and especially in the field of education for which she has a passion.

“I would promote the bank in the capacity of an ambassador,” said Claytonia. “I will of course let everybody know where to go to when they want to pursue studies – student loans because I am always willing to help the youth and I think that one thing that they should do is further themselves in education. I know Development Bank is 100 per cent behind students when it comes to education, so that is something that I will promote for the bank.”


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