Down to the wire in Trinidad and Tobago

Commentary By : Melanius Alphonse ICIA  AIPFM

Whichever way you define success, embracing and accepting winners and losers, manifestos promising “pie in the sky ideas”, “sweeping changes”, “pay as you go policy” “con-manship” and “deception tendencies” is an imminent reality that the people of Trinidad and Tobago will have to decide on September 7.

trinidad 2Many will discern the implication of the results; nevertheless, Trinidad and Tobago needs to continue developing research and development, the technology sector and intellectual property for greater rewards. And on the other hand, understanding the results will answer the questions on leadership, governance, trust and the future of the people and country.
The domestic challenge is getting that house in order. To a future that is better than history of the past. To adopt scornful characters is to live in gridlock that can only realize a paralyzed future.
Making the right decision on September 7 will decide who the people’s representatives will be and set the pace for a changing landscape in the region.
Actually, in hockey terms, Wayne Gretzky, put it this way, “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.”
The success of the September 7 election will have to face the reality of an arduous task to compare policy with volatile market situations, the new reality in China, and climate change adaptation as a point of comparison with the need to attain economic growth.
Leaders and the prime minister will need a team to stand the crucial test to deliver on its development agenda in a new era and a new generation that demand rapid progress.

Not more of the same conspiracy theorist to satisfy their own fantasy; opposing programs that don’t fit their reality and create a stumbling block to progress.
The new generation of voters needs a development agenda and progress that continues to deliver economic growth and a better country.
And as previously written, Trinidad and Tobago presages transformation“With this transformation change taking place in the region, strong, inspired leaders, business leaders and major companies are essential to strengthen economic globalization and bridge the divide to provide a better appreciation to micro and macro drivers of corporate investments.”
Further, to achieve economic expansion and growth, success will have to continue to capture the country’s consumers and companies’ changing needs. Policy decisions on energy and economics, investment in infrastructure, technology, and environmental protection will increasingly dominate strategic challenges.
In the current economic climate, creating jobs, large scale infrastructure projects, manufacturing, natural gas and oil, raw and agro-exports, alongside services will increase economic strength and regional leadership.
The opening of new markets, a more open trading system, increasing exports in industry, skill development of the work force will restore prosperity and deliver dividends for growth and shared prosperity for all.
Even with the current market volatility, no other system has lifted more people out of poverty. Therefore, improving productivity, raising labour conditions, and protecting the environment with clear rules of the road, will help business and workers seize more of the opportunities available to restore market confidence.
These are serious times that require the need to remain bullish.
The stakes are higher, but even then, all is not lost in the battle for sustainable growth, while the wizards and bogeymen attempt to keep policymakers awake at night.
The strategy of spin to win with the hope to derail has turned the narrative sour, with the help of snake oil salesman who view things in smoke and mirror proportions.
This has not worked and is not going to cut it.
It turns out that the best defence has been one of performance, confidence and trust in economic leadership that has worked to seize the day away from “pie in the sky ideas” and the politics of desperation.
This election has evolved on the competence to deliver the goods for future generations and efficiency to get the job done to improve the lives of people. Thus, the intent to impose dark impulse that has skyrocketed, crashed and burned.

And replaced with the stuff of legends to navigate a smoother than expected sailing for the wider economy. With this in mind, Trinidad and Tobago is on the right road to realize a long-held vision, building on relationships between nations that are based on shared interest, values and on positive personalities.
Trinidad and Tobago is making progress on economic management that will bring together a new partnership, characterized by a shared vision, a collaborative mission and trust to move the country forward.
On September 7 it’s all about the people as they continue with the elements of democracy, paved with votes to embrace a leader, and a team of candidates in a campaign theatre crowded with nightmares to handle the challenges of today and tomorrow!
As research has shown, the team with the best players wins. Whether you are winning or losing, measurements and performance will require candor that can be painful.
“But when the facts and more enduring solutions point the way forward, to deliver the goods for future generations revives true conviction, then act,” to buttress the non debate of the great debate. With anticipation, the results will provide lasting decisions to the long-term issues that face Trinidad and Tobago and the region.
In this scenario and like others, despite what politicians say and do in a vigorous campaign, when the smoke has cleared and the dust has settled, self-interest and political plans will demand detours in exchange for governance, economic growth and development at every level.
The continued task of realigning the economy against new economic risk warnings and, law and order, nationalism, and investment strategies, real compromise are but a few unique strategies will be needed to continue to breathe new life and a new renaissance.

And in the fullness of time, key performance indicators will empower, inspire and sustain the people to actualize hopes and dreams.

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