Dream Wedding Features At Franklyn Browne Community Center

By: Curtis Morton

Combermere-Nevis–Mrs. Greta Jeffers, Center Manager at the Franklyn Browne Community Center, led out in the activities that were featured at that Community Center for the grand community day, which was held on Thursday 14th May.

Mrs. Greta Jeffers, Center manager
Mrs. Greta Jeffers, Center manager

After an opening prayer, a dynamic drumming session was presented by students at the VOJN Primary school, directed by representative from the Cultural Development Foundation, ‘Bhingi Parris’. There was loud applause when they concluded their pieces, one of which was in tribute of the late Robert NESTA Bob Marley.

A dance presentation by students at the VOJN Primary school also received loud applause.

The many community members and children from the Combermere Preschool and VOJN Primary schools were then invited to check the various booths on display.

The booths featured various items, businesses; groups and individuals.

These included Mrs. Renell Daniel of the Health Promotion Unit who educated on health issues along with representatives from the Combermere Health Center. Mrs. Daniel also informed those present of an upcoming event.

She indicated that World Hypertension Day will be celebrated on May 17th under the theme, “Know your numbers” and is geared towards increasing awareness of high blood pressure also known as hypertension . This year on Friday May 22 between 8:30am and 12:30 pm, the Health Promotion Unit at the Ministry of Health will be offering free health screening in the Memorial Square in Charlestown. They will be testing blood sugar, blood pressure and body mass index (which is your height and weight).

Other displays included arts and craft from the seniors group and products from the Newcastle Pottery.
Several businesses from within the area also featured items and general information. These included: J’s Variety store; Nisbett Plantation Inn; Oualie Beach Hotel; Tradewinds; Medical University of The Americas; Ocean View and Mount Nevis Hotel.

Various forms were also made available to the members of the public which included forms to seek permission to use the Community center and forms for the registration of groups.

The profile and picture of Mr. Franklyn Browne were boldly placed at the main stage area of the Center so that interested persons could learn more about the contributions of the man in whose honour the Center is named.

The main feature of the day, without a doubt, was a room which was uniquely decorated by Mrs. Sophia Wallace, dubbed ‘DREAM WEDDING.’

It had the aura of a Four Seasons styled setting and was done so that community members could see what it would look like if they booked the center for a wedding reception.

The general reaction when persons entered the room was: “WOW!”
The children and the community members were also treated to light snacks

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