DVX Successfully Launched

CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS, August 14th, 2017 – After over two months of consistent music releases and promotion, a new music group has been born in the Federation of St. Kitts & Nevis. DVX, a partnership between Verhne “DV” Pemberton and Raynaldon “X-Ray” Bartlette, was officially launched on Friday August 11th in Nevis and Saturday August 12th in St. Kitts. Since May 28th 2017 DVX has caught the attention of soca music lovers in the federation by releasing six studio recorded singles and two live samples starting with the hit song “Fete Hard” performed by Raynaldon “X-Ray” Bartlette. DVX quickly became a media sensation after receiving endorsements by many Nevisian politicians, cultural icons and several internet bloggers leading up to the launch parties held on the respective islands.

The patrons of the DVX Launch Party in Nevis came out to witness DVX performing live for the first time with other preceding acts such as DJ Ras P, Blackstone International and Braveheart Sound. Unfortunately, the DVX launch party in Nevis was plagued with electricity issues during DVX’s performance, which caused several pauses during the performance. DVX undeterred, simply continued performing each time power was restored. He even entertained fans by socialising during a few of the outages, which kept patrons inside during the unplanned intermissions. “DVX is too sweet for normal amount power…we need a special line for this level of intense gyrations!” shouted Raynaldon “X-Ray” Bartlette when there was an outage. Through it all patrons stayed until the early hours of the morning and all shared the same view that DVX performed well despite the unfavourable circumstances.

The next day Verhne “DV” Pemberton and Raynaldon “X-Ray” Bartlette were off to St. Kitts where they performed at Club MaPau along with Impulse Band, Kollision Band, Grand Masters Band, DJ Sugarbowl several other Disk Jockeys for the DVX Launch Party (SK Edition). DVX took the stage shortly after 3:00 am and kept the crowd entertained for approximately forty minutes until the Grandmasters Band took the last baton and entertained the patrons until daybreak. X-Ray & DV noted that there was a great response to each performance. They also noted that the crowd particularly enjoyed two of their newest chants, “Wet & Messy” and “BUSS A WUKKUP”.

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