ECCB Board Members and Senior Management Completed Chartered Director Course

Most of the members of the ECCB Board of Directors and some members of the Bank’s senior management team are now certified Chartered Directors having completed a
Chartered Director programme offered by the Caribbean Governance Training Institute (CGTI) from 6 to 8 June.

The CGTI’s Chartered Director programme is designed to create board members who will have a profound and positive effect on their organisation’s performance by providing board members and the senior executives with a collective understanding of modern governance practices and processes.

CGTI’s Executive Chairman, Dr Chris Bart, said the programme is designed to help board members accept the responsibility for keeping the ‘four evil sisters’ of governance at bay:
(1) misallocation (2) misappropriation (3) misrepresentation and (4) misconduct.

The areas covered during the three-day course were:
1. The Principles of Great Governance
2. Board Roles, Responsibilities, Accountabilities and Boardroom Culture
3. Financial Oversight by the Board
4. Strategic Thinking versus Strategic Planning
5. Risk Management
6. Board and CEO Succession

The training session concluded with a qualifying examination. Having passed the examination, the Board members and senior managers are now certified directors.

At the close of the programme, Governor of the ECCB, Timothy N.J. Antoine, said, “We have invested in our governance capacity as we continue to strive for the highest standards of corporate governance in the fulfillment of the Bank’s mandate. Furthermore, we are committed to being a learning organisation and that starts at the top.”

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