Eight Graduate from CBIS

Charlestown-Nevis- The Cecele Browne Integrated School held its graduation ceremony on Thursday 23rd June at the St. Paul’s Anglican Conference hall.
It was held under the distinguished patronage of very supportive parent for the last eleven years, Miss Calmeta Roberts. The theme used was: ‘Transforming, empowering, developing productive citizens.’
The program commenced with the processional of the graduates; invocation by Delsia Julius and the national anthem rendered by Makala Rouse and Zejay Tyson.
Some eight students graduated viz. Jilano David-top boy; Rodney Cozier; Marc Forbes; Letisha Davis-top girl and valedictorian; Soranlli Zacarias –Matos; Orencia Clarke; Tonya Cornelius and Chelsia Smithen.
The proceedings were ably chaired by Mrs. Jennifer Liburd who took the captivated audience on a ‘journey,’ during which they were asked to observe certain critical road signs, such as ‘stop,’ ‘go’ and ‘give way to traffic on your right,’ as she alluded to various speakers and or performances during the program.
She pointed out to the graduates that it was the end of one journey and the start of another and noted that there were signs to be observed during the journey. She referred to the program as the ‘CBIS Safari tours’ and asked the members of the audience to buckle up and turn off all cell phones.
Headmistress of the institution, Mrs. Violet Clarke, delivered an impressive principal’s report, which highlighted the successes of the school over the past year, which included some of the sterling performances of the students and even the teachers who had advanced academically.
She noted that the school currently has a roll of 22 students: 8 girls and 14 boys.
Also worthy of note, is that the school now has access to a school meals program which was initiated by Mr. Hastings Daniel; a crossing guard; a brand new bus and driver and three specialist teachers.
Featured speaker, well known educator from St.Kitts, Ms. Clarice Cotton, was introduced by Pastor Cecele Browne, who read her impressive profile.
Ms. Cotton congratulated the graduates and noted that they need encouragement and support, as they depend on those persons who look out for them on a daily basis. She defined the key words in the theme and commended the parents and teachers for their unwavering sacrifice in assisting the children.
Valedictorian, Letisha Davis impressed the audience with her words on behalf of the graduating class:
‘We know our journey has been very challenging but we have overcome. I want us to remember we live in a society, in a world where many people will doubt us. We must prove to them with our actions and values that we can…where there is will, there is a way. The future is in our hands.’
Education officer responsible for the school, Mrs. Ilena Mills, used the opportunity to admonish the graduates to be ‘motivated and take the next step to becoming productive citizens as you go into the world.’
‘You are not leaving this school the same way you came, you are now empowered with various skills,’ she told them.
Interspersed with the speeches were some dynamic presentations which included a dance by Letisha Davis and Sonranlli –Zacarias –Matos; a song by the school’s choir; and a group song, featuring Letisha Davis in the vocal spotlight, as they rendered a Jimmy Cliff classic: ‘You can get it if you really want.’
Musicians Vaughn and Brandy also made an impression with the audience with the execution of the songs and many more, during the course of the afternoon.
This one literally brought the house down.
Additionally, there was a presentation of gifts by the graduates to loved ones in the audience; presentation of gifts by the PTA to the school and presentation of gifts to the teachers.
Some of the students also received special awards for excellent performance in certain areas.

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