Extasy Sound wins Sound Clash two years in a row

In an exclusive interview with Nevispages, the back to back champions of the Magnum DJ Sound Clash, ‘Extasy Sound’ used the opportunity to thank their supporters who came out to support them during what they termed as ‘a stiff competition’.

This event which was dubbed the ‘Knock-shore Night’ was featured on the lineup for the celebration of the annual Black San’ Bang-A-Lang which was held on Saturday, April 19, 2014. Hundreds of people flocked the Sandy Point Hard Court to witness this competition.

The Magum DJ Sound Clash saw four DJ sound systems competing against each other for the top position. They were: ‘Extasy Sounds’, the defending champions, ‘Real Sounds’, ‘Chronical Leverage’ and ‘Die Hard Sounds’.

The special guest judges were ‘Wadadli Souljahs’ out of Antigua.

Speaking with Marvin Lewis, owner of ‘Extasy Sound; he stated that he and his team traveled to St. Kitts with the determination to bring the championship title back over to Nevis.

Hard work paid off he said when his sound defeated ‘Real Sound’ and ‘Die Hard Sound’ then later crushing ‘Chronical Sound’ to gain victory.

The sound systems participated in three rounds, the first being ‘Old School Dancehall’. This was followed by the ‘Reggae’ round.

The sounds were all judged in these rounds then the best two went head to head in an ‘anything goes’ round to end the competition.

In the ‘anything goes’ round, the deejays battled tune for tune and the crowd was the judge for this segment. The crowd determined who played the better tunes, and the first deejay to win six, would walk away with the title.

Winning the coin toss and asking to go second onstage, ‘Chronical Leverage’ took an unassailable 5-0 lead on the defending champions. However, ‘Extasy Sound’ was not giving up so easily; and they made a dramatic comeback and tied the battle at 5-5 with one final match-up to decide it all.

At the end of the tight competition, ‘Extasy Sound’, won the battle and walked away with the title for the second consecutive year.

‘Extasy Sound’ consists of Woodis, Selector Mad & Bad, Selector B and head coach, Cookie.

‘Extasy Sound’ will have their first victory play out after the win at ‘Happy Endings Lounge and Bar’ on Saturday, April 26, 2014.

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