Farm Queen and Calypso competition conclude Agriculture Open Day 2014 celebrations

By: St Clair Sazam Hull

(CHARLESTOWN NEVIS)- The curtains came down on the Agriculture Open Day 2014 celebrations on Saturday, March 29, 2014 with the hosting of the Farm Queen and Calypso competitions.

Saturday night’s event comprised of The Miss Farm Pageant and the Calypso show at the Nevis Cultural Complex. Both competitions were of a very high standard and thrilled all those who were in attendance. The quality performances delivered by all the participants were greatly appreciated by the capacity crowd.

The show started, with the Creative Wear and Promotional Speech by the contestants of the Miss Farm competition. This was followed by the Talent segment.

The calypso competition was extremely intense, with Carlisle ‘Binghi’ Pemberton starting off proceedings with a song called ‘Food Security’. However, it was Wingrove ‘Wingy’ Powell who brought the crowd to its feet with a song called, ‘Don’t do me dat’ and after the crowd got familiar with the chorus they sang along with him lustily.

Oscar ‘Astro’ Browne, who has won the Culturama Calypso Monarch on three occasions, also treated the audience to a special treat with ‘True Heroes’. The show however, met its highest point when one of the most popular calypsonians on the island, ‘Puppa Wheeler arrived on stage doing a tune called, ‘Agriculture Matters’.

He summoned the band to start his music again, after they had played the wrong note. He said, “Wheel and come again” and the crowd went into a frenzy. As ‘Puppa’ closed his song he said “If agriculture really matters then they should legalize Ganja for medical purposes”. Upon hearing those words the audience clapped and screamed continuously.

Two unforeseen events prevented the announcement of the winners at the end of the night. First it started to rain heavily and then the entire Complex was plunged into darkness when electricity went out.

The winners were announced on Sunday, March 30, 2014 at the Frisky Fashion Beach Fiesta on Pinney’s Beach.

The results indicated that Ms. Shonnell Christian captured The ‘Miss Farm Crown’ by amassing a total of 415 points. She was victorious in the Promotional Speech, Creative Wear and Talent segments.

The Calypso Show was keenly contested and the judges unanimously agreed that Oscar ‘Astro’ Browne had outperformed his competitors by gaining 415 points.

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