Female West Indies Cricketers Send Video Messages Of Love to Their Moms

Kingston, Jamaica – Friday, May 6, 2016: With just a few days before mom’s’ special day, female West Indies Cricketers from across the region have teamed up with main sponsor and telecommunications company, Digicel, to send video messages of love and appreciation to their mothers.

Hayley Matthews from Trinidad and Tobago, Merissa Aguilleira form Barbados and Stafanie Taylor from Jamaica, all agree that their mothers have played such a priceless role in their lives; that for them, their moms are the real champions and are therefore deserving of the ultimate recognition – their public shows of affection.

After watching the video from Stafanie Taylor, sister-in-law cum surrogate mom, Tracy Grant-Taylor, could barely find words to express her feelings but her few words echoed loudly; “I feel loved.” Stephanie also shared her thoughts and said; “She’s my sister in law and she means the world to me. She did so much for me growing up that I consider her to be my surrogate mother. Tracy gave me the support I needed through hard times and celebrated my success with me throughout my career.”

In her video, Hayley Matthews said; “I get messages every day from so many people wishing me good luck, but to get messages from my mom and knowing that she’s backing me to go out there and follow my dreams is such a good thing.”

Digicel Director of Marketing, Peter Lloyd, said; “Without these moms, we wouldn’t have these champions – we applaud and celebrate them. Our partnership with West Indies Cricket has developed not only cricket but a bond with our communities in the Caribbean.”

Peter continued; “We would also like our customers to celebrate their real champions by posting their most memorable photos and videos with their mothers on social media using the #ChampionMoms. I want to wish all the mothers across the Caribbean and beyond, Happy Mother’s Day.”

Since 2004, Digicel has been a proud sponsor of the West Indies cricket team which recently achieved historic success on the global stage as part of the ICC World Cricket T20 tournament – capturing the U19, men and women titles.

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