“Financing Party Campaign With Public Resource Is Wrong!”

Basseterre, St.Kitts (TUCOM):-Dr. the Honourable Timothy Harris, Leader of Team Unity has strongly condemned the Douglas regime over reports that is in effect financing its political campaign by abusing state resources. Dr. Harris said persons in his constituency 7, and in other constituencies were given government vouchers to receive building materials, windows, doors and paint, household items etc from several hardware stores in Basseterre. Dr. Harris said it was tantamount to a bribe when candidate say to voters that I will give you a voucher if you will vote for me. This is against the law. It is corruption and an abuse of political office and public resources. I want to offer a friendly advice to the Accounting officers and Permanent Secretaries, that they ought not to allow themselves to be caught in improper acts, including acts of misfeasance and malfeasance. “Please do not let the outgoing government compromise you”. Harris warned.

Dr. Harris in responding to questions from the public on the corrupt use of public resources at a Town Hall meeting/listening tour in Central Basseterre, the Team Unity Leader said it was a failure of good governance in the country and a clear act of desperation and political barbarism when a government in power utilizes state resources to buy votes in an election.
Harris warned voters “not to sell your votes. It is not worth it, to get a few thousand dollars today which will be spent in a couple of weeks and then for the next 4 years the Douglas Loosing Party treats you badly; over tax you, put electricity costs out of your reach, denying you sustainable employment and keep you poor. Team Unity wants you to prosper that way you do not have to live on hand outs”.
Team Unity has promised that forensic audits will be conducted into the SIDF, Citizenship by Investment Programme, government procurements etc. Team Unity believes in transparency and accountability in government. The Douglas regime is considered the most undemocratic and corrupt regime in the region.

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