Football Bath United Has Strategic Plan in Place

Long serving Coach of the Bath United Football Club, Alex Claxton, in a recent interview, indicated that the Bath United Football club has a contingency plan in place for the continuity of the club.

Part of the strategic plan involves an ongoing feeder program.

He pointed to the fact that the club has already put in place an under 13 program and because some of the parents also brought along much younger children, the club has now put in place an under 11 program, which caters for children aged 3 to 11.

Additionally, there is a very strong women’s Football program in place, which was recently bolstered with the initiative of the GIRLS CAN PLAY Football program, launched by Alexandra Richards.

Meanwhile, on the back of a highly successful premier league season, the senior men’s team for the Bath united Club is already undergoing intense training for the upcoming season and Claxton is confident that his team will do even better, this time around.

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