Gold House Wins at VOJN and Red House Prevails At St. James’ Primary

By: Curtis Morton

Low power voltage; intermittent rain and biting breezy conditions, did not prevent the VOJN Primary school, to effectively complete their annual sports meet.

VOJN sports patron at center--Kyris Gonzaley; along with Headmistress and school's coach
VOJN sports patron at center–Kyris Gonzaley; along with Headmistress and school’s coach

The meet was held at the school’s grounds under the patronage of past student and outstanding athlete Kyris Gonzaley.

The children participated in the 400; 800; 1200; 200 and 100 meters events; along with several fun races which included lime and spoon; sack races and the hula hoop race.

There were also the 4X100 and 4×400 meters races as well.

At the end of the day, the point standings were as follows:
Gold house—champions—382 points
Green house –second—306
Blue house—third—275 points

Red House Prevails At St.James’ Primary

Red house emerged as the champion house as the St.James’ Primary School hosted its annual sports meet on Tuesday 10th March.

The meet was held under the patronage of past student and athlete, Allan Mintos.

The athletes competed in the 400; 800; 1200; 200 and 100 meters events and also several fun races; along with the 4×100 and 4×400 meters events.

At the conclusion of the sports meet, the following statistics were released:
Heats Champions: Red House – 440 points
2nd Place : Gold House – 412 points
3rd Place : Green House – 362 points

Records Broken
Event Name House
400m Gr. 5 Girls T’anna Liburd Red
400m Gr. 6 Girls Annique Williams Gold
60m Kg. Girls Tashailiah Daniel Gold
60m Kg. Boys Omarion Jeffers Green &
Malachaii Wilkin Red
1200m Open Boys Aizorre Jones Red

Records Set
80m Kg. Girls- Tashailiah Daniel Gold
80m Kg. Boys- Malachaii Wilkin Red
80m Gr. 1 Girls- Asane Browne Gold
80m Gr. 1 Boys- Ty-Reese Jeffers Gold

Sports Day Champions: Red House – 387 points
Gold House – 318 points
Green House – 243 points

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