By:Curtis Morton

The annual summer Golf program hosted by the Youth and Sports department is well and truly on the way.

The program is as per usual, hosted at the Four Seasons Resort, with the prestigious hotel lending its facilities and coaches, free of cost to the program.

Local Coach, Robert Byron, in an interview earlier in the week, stated that on Monday, there were 18 young Golfers and the number has fluctuated during the course of the week.

He stated that they are being taught the very basics of the game, which includes proper grip of the club; posture, swing, follow through etc.

“Some of them are showing some real potential,” he said and there are others who will need some work but that’s how it is.’

He also stated that the hotel is currently seeking to develop an ongoing program that will help to facilitate the coaching of interested young Golfers, on a year round basis, rather than the current once per year coaching sessions.

“We have put something in place for the women’s program and so we want to do something similar for the youngsters,”he said.

One of the youngsters, Devonte Browne, expressed his gratitude for the program and indicated that he had indeed learnt quite a bit for the days that he had been there.

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