Grenada wins 2014 Windwards Under-19 title

FRIDAY JULY 04, 2014, ARNOS VALE, ST. VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES – With a victory target of 102 runs to get in a minimum of twenty-three overs, hosts St. Vincent and the Grenadines reached 105 for the loss of seven wickets, to pull off a last day three-wicket victory over Saint Lucia at the Arnos Vale Cricket Ground.

Gideon Pope started the assault on the 102-run target, but when he was bowled, wickets fell regularly as the Saint Lucians pressed for full match points, but found their opponents were equal to the task.

Tonious Simon took three for 42 and Dornan Edward two for 17, in an exciting end to the 2014 tournament.

Earlier the hosts failed to take first inning points against Saint Lucia being dismissed for 156 in the first inning in response to Saint Lucia 160 all out, the Vincentians were hard-pressed to gain valuable points on the tournament’s final day.

Batting first, Dornan Edward 29, Shervin George 26, and Kester Charlemagne 19 were the leadings scorers in Saint Lucia’s 160 all out in 63 overs, after being sent into bat by St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Thirteen extras were bowled made of one bye, five leg byes, and seven no balls, with wickets falling at 10, 21, 29, 69, 73, 100, 124, 154, and finally 160.

Othneil Lewis took two for 18, Kimali Williams two for 33, Domanic DaSilva one for 09, Shamron Hooper one for 12, Kinson Dalzell one for 19, and Obed McCoy one for 22.

In reply, St. Vincent and the Grenadines were bowled out for 156 – Anson Latchman whose captain’s innings of 58 was the bedrock of the reply. Othneil Lewis 19, and Zianni DaSilva 16 were the other scorers of note.

The Saint Lucians kept up the pressure with wickets falling at regular intervals – 1 for 19, 2 for 31, 3 for 54, 4 for 80, 5 for 100, 6 for 107, 8 for 135, 9 for 155, all out for 156.

Fourteen extras were bowled – six byes, two leg byes, and six no balls, with Selwyn Boyce taking three for 24, and Dornan Edwards three for 29. Other wicket takers were Valange St. Ange who took two for 38, Kester Charlemagne one for 18, Adeju Hobson 1 for 19, and Tonious Simon 1 for 20, the final wild swing by Obed McCoy saw him falling unto his haunches, the bails dislodged, and Saint Lucia ahead by a meager four runs on first inning.

Over at the Arnos Vale Two Ground, Grenada bowled out Dominica for 94 on Thursday in the first inning. Josiah Hilton 33, and Leic Charles 24, were the leading scorers.

Deron Hippolyte with 4 for 24 and Daniel McDonald 3 for 22 were the wicket takers.

Grenada replied with 181 all out – Craig Philips 35, Melvin Gordon 34, Deron Hippolyte 21, and Daniel McDonald 20 were the leading scorers, while Kharmal Hamilton with five for 55, and Josiah Hilton 4 for 68 the key wicket takers.

However, in the second inning, Dominica facing a deficit of 87, were soon staring defeat in the face with the top order back in the dressing-room and the deficit yet to be cleared.

Sherlon George (40) and Leic Charles (35) kept Kershaskie JnoLewis company as the Dominicans rallied to reach the highest team total of the tournament – 291 all out in 94 overs, beating the Saint Lucians 261.

In a display of mixing sound defense with aggressive stroke play, JnoLewis recorded a massive 163 not out, as he almost single-handedly took the wind out of the Grenadians march to victory.

He finished with an aggregate of 232 runs – the most by any batsman at an average of 46.52.

Gideon Pope had the highest haul of wickets – 19, bowled 102 overs, 29 maidens at an average of 2.05.

With a target of 204, the Grenadians never had the stomach for the remainder of the contest, and when stumps were pulled, they were 186 for 7, with Chad Charles 51 not out, Shamron Lewis 17 not out, while Roland Cato contributed 25.

Gilon Tyson took two for 24, Kharmal Hamilton 2 for 49, Dishon Joseph 1 for 36, and Josiah Hilton 1 for 69.

However the Dominicans fightback and the Vincentian victory over Saint Lucia was not enough to prevent Grenada form winning the 2014 Windward Islands Under-19 Cricket Tournament, with a total of 22 points.

Saint Lucia was second with 21 points, St. Vincent and the Grenadines third with 21 points, and Dominica fourth with four points. (Robertson S. Henry/

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