Hamilton Apologises for Statement at PAM Convention

Basseterre, St. Kitts  (PAMCOM):-Deputy Leader of the People’s Action Movement and Parliamentary Representative for Constituency#8 the Hon. Eugene Hamilton has apologized to the persons who were offended by what he termed as an innocent joke told to him by his grand parents.

WINN FM reported that the point Mr. Hamilton was making was about life on Nevis prior before a PAM/NRP government installed a power generating plant on the island. He recalled in jest, stories told to him by his grandparents of how Nevisians, when seeing streetlights in St. Kitts described them as ‘St. Kitts got moon pan tick,’ much to the laughter of the audience.

While presenting as a panelist on WINN FM’;s Inside The News programme Hamilton expressed his sorrow to the persons that were offended . He repeated his expression of regret again during an Interview with broadcaster Toni Frederick

Hamilton again later stated “I am indeed saddened by any harm caused to anyone offended by my statements at the recent PAM Convention albeit in jest and albeit not my original statement. I used the statement to emphasise the pioneering roll that my People’s Action Movement played in the historic development of Nevis during the early 1980’s. On hindsight the comment was in poor taste and I should’ve chosen a better way to help to make my point. I am deeply saddened that some persons were offended and to those persons who I have offended I am indeed sorry. My entire family hails from Nevis so if any Nevisian is hurt then I am hurt if any Nevisian is offended then I am offended and I am not too big to humble myself and express my sorrow and apologise to my brothers and sisters in Nevis who were offended by my comments.”

Hamilton told the local media ““I regret that it incensed some people for whatever reason, whether political or otherwise. But if you look at it in its historical context, really and truly, we were saying this is what was happening in Nevis…this is what happened in 80s and beyond. And new relationships in Unity will make a greater bond between the islands of St. Kitts and Nevis in particular and the peoples of St. Kitts and Nevis.”

“As a member of Team UNITY my ultimate goal is to bring Prosperity to ALL Kittitians and Nevisians and Citizens of this country and to strengthen the bonds of love and unity between our two beautiful islands,” Hamilton concluded.

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