Happy Endings Club swings into action this Saturday-Restaurant will also open

Yes folks ‘Happy Endings Lounge and Bar’ swings into action again this upcoming Saturday, April 26, 2014 and at that time the downstairs restaurant will also open its doors.

The anticipation has been great and party lovers have been craving for the night club to open its doors again to the general public.

Wait no more! the back to back champions of the ‘Black San Deejay Competition’, ‘Extasy Sound’ alongside ‘Wrecklife Movements’, are ready to quench the thirst of everyone who is craving ‘Happy Endings’.

Entrance fee is $20.00 all night. Action kicks off at 9:00 p.m. sharp. But that is not all, food will be served. Yes you heard right, the kitchen will be opened to the general public on Saturday night.

The menu is over loaded with delicious chicken, burgers, fries, taco etc.

No minors allowed to the upstairs club. Admission granted to persons 18 YEARS AND OVER only. An ID may be required.

Everyone welcomed at the downstairs restaurant.

Remember there are no endings like ‘Happy Endings’.

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