Chief coordinator of the Hard times renovation project, Michael WISE Herbert, is convinced that the rehabilitative work at the playing field will be complete by the end of January.

Some of the works that have been completed at the field include: Fencing; the building of a Gazebo as a self-help endeavour; another Gazebo to be constructed by the NIA and/or the field renovation committee; an open stand and the reconstruction of the main Cricket pitch located at the grounds.

Some other areas of more long term planning will include the possible removal of the over seventy years old catchment tank which protrudes onto a section of the field, but it was pointed out that the NIA is hesitant in removing it until an alternative is constructed nearby, as the water from the catchment, facilitates many of the nearby villages.

There are also plans to eventually put in place a more permanent main pavilion on the ground as well.

For the moment, two young men have been assigned to the regular maintenance of the grounds and there are so many possibilities:

The Jocelyn Liburd Primary school has already air marked the grounds for its training in track and field; Cricket and Football and are seriously considering using the venue for their annual sports day activities. Some persons have already started to use the grounds for exercise purposes at early mornings and the Gingerland Pre School has already indicated an interest in having their annual sports meet there as well.

When the Leeds Cricket club visits Nevis later in the year, there is also a proposal for that club to play a tape ball match versus a local team, at the venue.

Significantly, the renovations committee is also proposing that the ground be officially named in honour of the late Nevisian cricketing hero, Runako Shakur Morton, who was actually raised just a stone’s throw from the grounds and would have nurtured his skills at that place.

According to Herbert, the renaming is proposed for sometime around July 22nd which is incidentally the birth date of the famous late cricketer.

Meanwhile, the local tape ball tournament which commenced last year, is scheduled to bowl off on Sunday February 5th. Some 16 teams participated last year and Herbert is looking forward to a similar number of teams this year. The registration deadline is Friday 3rd February and the registration fee is $20.00.

The winning team will receive between $700.00 to $1,000.00 (to be finalized) and other incentives will include, the batsman to the first century getting $200.00 and the bowler to the first match haul of 8 wickets, will receive $200.00.

Herbert indicated that there are several sponsors on board for the tournament but the main sponsor will not be revealed until the day the tournament commences.

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