Homophobic laws in Caribbean could roll back in landmark case

Trinidad and Tobago could make legal history in the Caribbean this week by rolling back long-standing homophobic laws.

On Thursday, a high court judge, Devindra Rampersad, will deliver his verdict in a landmark case brought by a private citizen which, if successful, would set a legal precedent for removing similar laws in countries across the region.

In March 2017, Jason Jones, an LGBT activist, took the government of Trinidad and Tobago to court, filing a lawsuit to strike down the so-called “buggery law”, which dates from British rule. Jones argues that section 13 of the island’s Sexual Offences Act, which criminalises anal sex, is unconstitutional because it violates his right to privacy, liberty and freedom of expression.Read More..https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/apr/07/caribbean-anti-gay-law-ruling-high-court-trinidad-tobago

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