Jacobs Backs LICA Retainer Contracts

WICB Media Release

ST JOHN’S, Antigua (WICB) — Jacobs, who was recently named coach of the Antigua & Barbuda senior cricket team, said the move could only serve to bring more professionalism to the sport, something he said that is seriously lacking within the region.

“We need to be more professional in our approach where cricket is concerned. I think that if we have players playing cricket all year round and being paid, it’s a plus and I can only see cricket going forward from there. Having coaches working with these players all year round, (will result in) better players representing Leeward Islands, representing West Indies and we will start winning more games so I honestly think that is the best way forward,” he said.

LICA, along with the other regional boards, will also select five players to be placed in a regional draft from which they will all be able to select an additional five players on an annual basis.

This, Jacobs said, will motivate players to stay at the top of their game.

“You are going to have five from Leewards, five from Trinidad, five from Barbados and Trinidad might want to pick their own players … you would have the opportunity to pick who you want to pick. I haven’t seen any problems as yet and I don’t think it would be a problem because if you go into a draft and you want a fast bowler and a fast bowler is up for grabs you have a chance to pick him to strengthen your team,” he said.

The Antiguan also renewed his call for more competitive cricket in the region.

“We haven’t been playing a lot of cricket over the last couple of years and the hunger for the game is not there so if we play more cricket, I think that more guys and younger players will want to get involved. We have the Kiddy Cricket that’s going on now but we need to play a lot more competitive cricket,” Jacobs said.

Five Antiguan players, Devon Thomas, Alzarri Joseph, Gavin Tonge, Anthony “I-Roots” Martin and Hayden Walsh Jr have reportedly been targeted by LICA for retainer contracts.

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