Jaden Dore Receives Inaugural Scholarship

By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis-In a brief ceremony held at the Nevis International Secondary School on Thursday 25th February, Minister of Social Development, Hon. Hazel Brandy-Williams officially handed over an inaugural scholarship award to Jaden K.M. Dore.
His proud parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Dore, were on hand to witness the presentation, as well as his school mates and teachers at the Nevis International Secondary School.
Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Social Development, Mr. Keith Glasgow, chaired the ceremony and indicated that the scholarship was initiated by Minister Brandy-Williams, which was approved after her formal submission to cabinet.
He outlined the criteria for persons to qualify for the scholarship, which will be made effective with the collaboration of the Ministry of Education, as follows:

1. The candidate must be a grade six student with the highest mark in the test of standards
2. He/she must maintain an overall average mark of 80% in Secondary school
3. The students conduct must be satisfactory
4. All national and non-national students are eligible for the award, once they attain the performance standard.
5. The award shall be presented at the graduation ceremony of the winning student’s Primary school and will include a cheque for a stipulated sum; a certificate and a letter of commendation.
6. The Ministry/Department of Education reserves the right to use the winning student in promotional exercises
7. A copy of the student’s report card must be sent from the school to the Ministry of Social Development/Youth et al
8. Subject to the approval of cabinet, the Ministry of Social Development reserves the right to make changes to the scholarship development scheme, as necessary.

Hon. Hazel Brandy-Williams in her remarks, paid tribute to Jaden and his parents.
She noted that after she received the news of Jaden’s superlative performance, it dawned on her that there was no policy in place to award such top performances.
Her submission to cabinet was approved since last year but was being fined tuned in the interim.
She noted that Jaden has set standards. He received the highest grades in Science; English; Social Studies and second best grade in Mathematics
His overall average was the best in the entire federation. An average of 99%!

She stated that the main idea behind the scholarship award is that it must be used as a motivational tool for other students, so that they will take the test of standards seriously.

She pointed out that her Ministry does not take kindly to the stigma that they only look out for old people, but indicated that emphasis is also placed on the youths.

She also saluted the contestant for the school in the upcoming FACES competition slated for Saturday 27th February.
Jaden will receive a cheque in the amount of $750.00 for each year in Secondary school, right through to sixth form, once he maintains the stipulated standards

She then presented Jaden with a cheque, a letter of commendation and a certificate.

Jaden, in his brief response stated: ‘On behalf of my parents and I, I would like to thank the Ministry of Youth and Sports for their generosity.
Thank God for his many blessings.’

Mrs. Karen Peterson gave some words of encouragement to the winning student and indicated that the parents were also responsible for keeping Jaden focused.
‘He is hungry for knowledge,’ she said of Jaden.

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