By:Curtis Morton

It’s official. The patron for the upcoming second annual Fun and Sports day to be hosted by the seniors division on Nevis, has been announced.

At the final practice session which was held at the ET Willet Park on Monday 24th October, Coordinator of the seniors’ division, Mrs. Garcia Hendrickson revealed that the patron for this year, for the event which is scheduled for Thursday, 27th October, is James GHANDI Phillip, of Bath Village.

Phillip for his part stated that he was honoured to be the patron of the event and used the opportunity to come out on the big day to witness the seniors in action.

At last year’s inaugural event, Phillip led out in the dance past, with then patron, Meredith Amory, who is the individual who initiated the event.

He stated that he will again be leading out in the dance past this year, which begins at 12.30 and the action on the track will commence at 1 pm.

The seniors were out in their numbers for the final practice and ably assisted by the officials at the Youth and Sports Department, they excelled in the tyre races; ball throws; dress up races; obstacle races and many more.

Based on what was demonstrated at the final practice, the event on Thursday is going to be HILARIOUS FUN.

The general public is kindly asked to be out early so that they do not miss the march past at 12.30pm.

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