Left Overs Grab Top Prizes In Hon. Alexis Jeffers Tournament

It was the Easter weekend and on Sunday 16th April, the inaugural Cricket Fes, organized by Area representative, the Hon. Alexis Jeffers, was held at the newly renovated and lit, VOJN grounds.

After several preliminary matches of 10 overs per team, the grand finals was played between the MUA team and the Left overs team, which was interestingly, captained by Virgil Browne who has been nominated to oppose Hon. Jeffers in the next elections.

The highlight of the afternoon, was for the crowd to witness the battle between Jeffers and Browne.

Jeffers came out bat in hand, on 15 but Browne’s team won the eventual main prizes as they won in the finals.

The atmosphere was hyped, complete with music and dancing girls and from all reports, everyone who attended, thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Summary of matches played:

Qualifier: MUA v Grass roots

 MUA 112 for 6 in 10 overs: Babblu 41; Katwala 20; Extras 35

Wendell Wallace 2 for 6; Lionel Mills 2 for 20

Grass Roots: 98 for 7 from 10 overs: Peter Charles 32; Wendell Wallace 12

James Weekes 2 for 13

Qualifier: MUA won by 14 runs

Left Overs v Butlers

Left overs: 91 for 6 from 10 overs: Darren Monzac 20; Dulani Phillip 16

Hanley; Chumney; Bussue and Sutton all got one wicket each

Butlers: 72 for 4 from 10 overs: Ross Powell 15; Alexis Jeffers 15 not out; Zario Chumney 14 not out

Dulani Phillip and Virgil Browne 2 wickets each

Left overs won by 19 runs

Finals: Left Overs v MUA

Left overs: 101 for 3 in 10 overs: Virge Browne 45 not out; Ardie Liburd 36; extras 15

Babblu 2 for 3

MUA: 56 all out in 9 overs: Kumar 9; Babblu 8; extras 12

Darren Monzac 2 for 11; Virge Browne 2 for 16

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