Match On’—Says Swanny

By: Curtis Morton

(CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS)- Clinton ‘Swanny’ Swanston is adamant that he is going to finish what he started. This in reference to the over fifties Golden Masters tournament that he organized and commenced in 2014.

The tournament was badly affected by rain and some of the would- be players showed a general lack of interest in showing up for the matches.

However, ‘Swanny’ had also included a clause which allowed each team to have a few Primary schoolers who appeared more enthusiastic than a lot of the senior players.

It came down to St.George’s and St.John’s coming through as the top two teams and a date for the grand finals was set and that was rained out. When the match was rescheduled, there was a problem with the preparations of the pitch as there was no roller available at the ET Willet Park.

Not daunted however, ‘Swanny’ told NTV Sports on Tuesday that he is currently making arrangements to have the grand finale sometime this month or early next month.

‘Once we get the roller to the Park, we will set a date for the finals and both teams will compete for the Vance Amory trophy,’ he stated.

He also noted that he had medals for all of the players who took part in the tournament.

‘Swanny’ is anticipating a wonderful climax to the league as he firmly believes that the two top teams got through to the finals and he expects a competitive game.

‘’It will be a great way to start the local league for 2015,’ he said.

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