Minister Brandy –Williams Visits Shaw Patients

By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis-Exactly one year after the implementation of the SHAW program, within the Ministry of Social Development, Junior Minister within the Ministry, Hon. Hazel Brandy Williams, visited two of the patients who are being treated by the SHAW team, on Friday 2nd October.

SHAW which is the acronym for SPORTS, HEALTH AND WELLNESS is a unit which was initiated by Minister Brandy-Williams which focuses on health and wellness issues, particularly as it pertains to the various athletes on the island and some special attention is also paid to the senior citizens of Nevis and individuals who require special care.

Such care is delivered in the form of massages at the homes of the persons who are in need of such care.
The Unit is headed by National Trainer on Nevis, Masefield Nisbett who warmly welcomed Minister Brandy-Williams as she was chauffeured to the homes of two of the SHAW patients.

The first stop was in Cotton Ground, where Minister Brandy-Williams met with Eston Leader at his home and was amazed at the fact that he was now walking, sometimes without the help of his trusted cane.
Leader who fell from scaff folding at his construction work site, some months ago, recounted how he was flown overseas for treatment and noted that he was in a really bad condition and was covered in casts.

He thanked Minister Brandy –Williams for initiating the SHAW unit and thanked the members of the team for their regular visits and massages. ‘They have gifted hands and at the end of each session, we pray together,’ he said, in reference to the SHAW team.

Minister Brandy-Williams was also amazed that Leader has recovered to the extent that he can now do some maintenance work on his own yard.
Leader thanked God, the Minister, the SHAW team, the Nevis Island Administration and the many family members and community persons who have assisted him in his recovery thus far.

The Minister next visited 89 year old Rosa Nisbett of Jessups Village who expressed the sentiment that she is feeling one hundred percent better, since she started to receive the massages from the SHAW unit.
She related to those present that several months ago, her family members were summoned to her bedside because it was stated that she was dying. She is thanking God for keeping her alive and in her right mind, many months after.
She thanked Minister Brandy-Williams, the SHAW team and the Nevis Island Administration for the assistance that she has received thus far.

Minister Brandy –Williams noted that such care was being provided at no cost to the family members and encouraged other persons who are in need of such a service to so indicate.

The Minister was accompanied on her official visit by Miss D.Michelle Liburd, Asst. Permanent Secretary within her Ministry and Mrs. Kim Singh, Deputy Director at the Social Services Department.

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