Miss Carib Brewery St. Kitts Nevis Ltd. Jomelle Elliott

Biography of Contestant # 3
Miss Carib Brewery St. Kitts Nevis Ltd. Jomelle Elliott

Wide eyed and fascinated, a six year old Jomelle Elliott sat and absorbed the beauty, intelligence, talents and poise that pageant contestants displayed on stage. She could not wait until it was her turn! Now after years of mental and physical preparation and countless requests to enter the Ms. Culture Queen Pageant, 2013 is definitely her year!

Jomelle Elliot

The now 21 year old beauty was particularly encouraged to participate this year, mainly because of the focus on showcasing Nevisian Pride. Having spent her years in Hard Times, Clay Ghaut, Matchman’s and presently Zion Village, she is a proud product of Gingerland and is ecstatic about showing the world the treasures that the vibrant communities of Nevis have to offer.

One such treasure which Jomelle hopes to highlight through her participation in this pageant is determination. A self-proclaimed introvert, Jomelle is determined to show other young, shy and quiet girls that great benefits can be achieved when you push yourself beyond limitations, especially those we place in front of ourselves. Who would have thought that this modest, soft spoken data entry clerk at Brownhill Communications could shatter everyone’s expectations by entering pageants such as the Black San’ Bangalang Swimsuit Pageant and now Ms. Culture Queen Pageant! To her, pageantry is the perfect training ground for her development and she cannot overemphasize how enriching and educational her pageant experiences have been for her. From once being too nervous to initiate conversations with strangers, Jomelle, like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, is now excited to display her fresh, confident and beautiful wings. She hopes that in the process of her development, she at least inspires others, especially other shy, wide eyed and fascinated young girls to consciously take positive actions to grow into better versions of themselves.

Jomelle believes that she epitomizes the spirit, heart and determination of Nevis and hopes that her love for her island and pageantry can manifest itself into Ms. Culture and Ms. Universe titles. Naysayers may criticize and say those dreams are farfetched and unattainable but since this motivated dynamo is no stranger to decimating expectations and achieving goals, Jomelle says: Bring it on!

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