Miss Culture Queen Contestant 2019 – Nakita Thibou Sponsor: NEVLEC


On April 10th 1994 Verna Thibou and Junior Newton were gifted with the birth of their beautiful daughter. They named her Nakita Zarina Thibou. The 3rd of her mothers’ six (6) children, Nakita means “Victory for the People”.

As the years rolled the beauty of Nakita’s persona flourished. Today she stands as a bold young woman, blessed with talent, intelligence and charisma. Nakita became active in pageantry from the tender age of 5 and with unwavering support from her mom, dad and siblings she has been honing her natural abilities and talents and has found her niche in the field of pageantry.

Nakita has fond memories of entering her first pageant in the year 2000 where she was crowned Ms. Petite, winning the Junior Calypso Crown in 2004 and being crowned Miss Talented Youth in 2005. Her love for pageantry has driven her to become a pageant coach extraordinaire in recent years. She relishes every moment she is on stage and encourages young women to explore and expound upon their talents and intelligence by becoming involved in pageantry.

In her leisure time Nakita enjoys practicing cosmetology. She is passionate about hair styling, and calls herself ‘The HairBoss’.

Being raised in a single parent house hold with her five other siblings she was taught the importance of having a strong mind as well as surrounding one’s self with encouraging, loving and positive people. By entering the 2019 Miss Culture Queen Pageant she wishes to inspire young girls who may struggle with their flaws, to embrace their imperfections and understand that true beauty comes from within.

In the future, Nakita aspires to become a professional Hair Stylist and Pageant Coach. She lives by the mantra ‘Once you believe it you can achieve it’ and encourages anyone who has a passion for something to break the glass ceilings put forth by society; be determined, giving up is never an option!

If Nakita is your favorite, vote here:https://www.culturamanevis.com/c45/ms-culture-queen-pageant/nakita-thibou/?fbclid=IwAR3U-Onq8kzfyD2iczv7icEFHpRWI7OIQcb6keniVw66lb18Aj1KLaEtqOU#bio

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