Miss NEVLEC Vanessa Destouche

Beautiful, talented, energetic, ambitious and cheerful are just a few words to describe this rare gem, Vanessa Destouche.

Vanessa Destouche
Vanessa Destouche

Vanessa was born on the 24th day of April 1995 on the island of Dominica but came to the beautiful island of Nevis at the young age of four (4) years old. Vanessa now resides at the historic Bath Village where she shares a home with her single-parent mother and two younger siblings.

Being a successful graduate of the Charlestown Secondary School, with six (6) CXC subjects, Vanessa plans to further her education at the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College. One of Vanessa’s favorite quotes in life is “the sky is the limit”. She believes that once you have passion, faith and the determination to work hard, you are irrevocably destined to achieve your life’s dreams. Vanessa’s dream is to become a young entrepreneur, owning a line of supermarkets.

In her spare time Vanessa enjoys reading, cooking, singing and hanging out with her friends and family. Vanessa was also trained to appreciate the significance of religious instruction and spiritual fellowship being an inseparable part of her life. In her early childhood, Vanessa remembers following the story of Fantasia Barino whose humble beginnings did not prevent her from aspiring for the highest. Likewise, Vanessa was inspired to dream beyond the confines of her childhood limitations and to see herself one day being a good ambassador for our island. Vanessa took an interest in pageantry when she entered the Miss. CSS Pageant in 2011. It was after this experience she realized that she had a special gift that can propel her closer to her childhood dream.

Vanessa is inspired daily by the resilience, strength and patience of her mother Andra, whose character was molded in the throes of single parenting. Her mother often reminds her to be the person who touches the lives and hearts of people because the impact of genuine kindness outlasts the emptiness of unfulfilled verbal promises. Vanessa believes that embarking on this journey in this year’s Miss. Culture Queen Pageant will help to prepare her for the challenges of this world by building her confidence, improving the way she presents herself and bolster her public speaking skills thereby creating opportunities to meet people and learn about different cultures.

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