Miss St. Vincent & The Grenadines – Keithryl V C Miller: Haynes Smith Miss Caribbean Talented Teen Pageant Bio

Keithryl Valerie Chrystyl Miller is a vivacious seventeen (17) year old Sagittarian. She is an aspiring pediatrician currently pursuing studies at the St Vincent and the Grenadines Community College, Division of Science and General Studies. Keithryl’s formative education was gained at the Imani Pre- School, Kingstown Preparatory School and St Vincent Girls’ High School respectively. She is expected to graduate from Community College in 2018 and hopes to continue her tertiary level studies at the St George’s University where she will finalise her medical career.
Miss St-Vincent the-Grenadines Keithryl-V-C-Miller Keithryl spent a major aspect of her life as a volunteer having served as a Brownie at the Kingstown Preparatory School then later becoming a Girl Guide with the distinction of holding the position as Patrol Leader in the No 11 Girls’ High School Company. Presently she is the President of the No 14 Ranger Company and views this experience as the moulding exercise for future leadership roles in the Guiding Movement. High priority is placed to her tasks as a volunteer as she strives at all times to uphold the Guides’ promise. She believes that one should never tire in sowing good seeds. Her prominent role as a Ranger is her greatest achievement in the company, where each day she hones her leadership skills, pushing herself to be an exemplary role model to those in her charge.

High priority is placed on her Christian faith, this is demonstrated in her membership at the Arnos Vale Methodist Church. Her duty to God is of paramount importance therefore time is dedicated serving the Youth Fellowship and Youth Choir.

In 2015, Keithryl’s dream of entering the St Vincent and the Grenadines’ Scotia Bank National Secondary Schools’ Competition, Miss Heritage Pageant became a reality through an act of faith. Having placed 1st Runner Up in the Miss GHS Show, she was called a mere three (3) weeks before the Pageant to represent her school. Keithryl since then has affirmed her belief in God and second chances as she not only competed but won the coveted crown.

On a lighter note, Keithryl could be classified as a budding comedian/actress. She possesses a very spirited nature, but oftentimes her spontaneity is noticeable and she believes that a keen sense of humour is the ideal recipe for happiness. Keithryl’s best attribute is her ability to smile and stay positive in the face of adversity and disappointment. She always is able to see a silver lining and places happiness and comfort of others above her own.

Keithryl was exposed to the art of dance from a very tender age. Dance is a routine she uses to express her emotions as it allows her to embrace her own beauty. Her passion though is dramatization, which brings out the light bulb effect of her character and helps to spread warmth to others. After years of being a passionate dancer, she is no longer able to participate due to injury. Nevertheless Keithryl’s new love is modeling. Her indomitable spirit is determined to bless the world with her dynamic presence.

Keithryl’s ambition is to become the heroine of her own life’s accomplishments. She fathoms getting the best out of life and being happy with the results.

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