Month Of Older Persons Going Well

Charlestown-Nevis- Coordinator of the Seniors’ Division, Miss Trudy Prentice, has indicated that the celebration of the month of older persons, is going extremely well.

She is also encouraging the members of the general public to make sure to support the remainder of the activities that will be hosted by her Department –The Social Services Department.

The month of activities commenced with an inspirational church service, which was held at the St. James’ Anglican Church on Sunday 30th September.

Also attending that service, was newly appointed Deputy Governor General, Mrs. Hyleta Liburd.

Minister responsible for Community Development et al, Hon. Eric Evelyn, officially launched the month of activities the following day-Monday 1st October, with an address which was aired on NTV channel 8.

On Friday 5th October, the seniors who were joined by many of their counterparts from St. Kitts, including Director, Ms. Anne Wigley, marched enthusiastically through Main Street, Charlestown.

The march culminated at the ET Willet Park, where there were speeches by such individuals as Hon. Eric Evelyn, Director of the Social Services Department, Mrs. Sandra Maynard and her Deputy, Miss Joyce Moven; Ms. Anne Wigley and local Seniors’ Coordinator, Miss Trudy Prentice.

Each week during the month, the Care Givers who work within the Social Services Department, will visit certain seniors within the community and deliver what has been referred to as ‘to the home with love.’

During these visits, they will assist the seniors who are more home based, in washing clothes and dishes, combing their hair, cutting nails etc.

There will also be a special program dedicated to Care Givers, on Thursday 11th October and a Health fair for the general public, which will be hosted at the Villa Grounds, on Friday 12th October, in conjunction with the Mental Health Unit.

During the week Sunday 14th to Saturday 20th October, the seniors at the Flambuoyant Seniors’ Home, will feature in their own week of activities. Two of the highlights will be a donation of toiletries on Tuesday 16th October and the appreciation of centenarians, on that same day.

One of the biggest activities to be hosted for the month, will be the Family Fun Day, which will be held at the ET Willet Park.

The seniors and members of the general public will be able to engage in many fun games, races and a penny concert, among other activities.

On Tuesday 23rd October, some of the seniors will journey to the Charlestown Primary School, where they will engage the students there, in what is termed an INTERGENERATIONAL EXCHANGE.

Another major event will be the Family trivia, which will see two seniors from each parish, along with a student, test wits in a question and answer contest, which will feature questions from the bible, historical questions and a general quiz, which will include Maths, Language and old time sayings.

The month of activities will climax with a grand Seniors’ Gala, which will be held at the OCCASIONS.

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