Ms. Latoya Jones appointed Special Advisor to Premier of Nevis

NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (January 29, 2021) — Mrs. Latoya Jones has been appointed Special Advisor to the Premier of Nevis. Her duties are specific to community matters.

Hon. Mark Brantley, Premier of Nevis made the announcement at his first monthly press conference for 2021, in Cabinet Room at Pinney’s Estate on January 28.

“We have taken a decision to employ one Latoya Jones as a Special Advisor to the Premier on community matters… I would wish to welcome Ms. Jones…and hope that she will provide excellent service to the people of Nevis, as we put the community front and center, as we seek to develop and bring to the fore concerns emanating from our community.

“All the other constituencies, you will be aware, have their representative in terms of a parliamentary representative, in terms of a representative in the parliament more specifically, and I speak of course of the good people of Gingerland, the good people of St. Johns’, the good people of St. Pauls’ and the good people of St. James’.

“The good people of St. Thomas’ have been without a Cabinet representative now since 2013. Prior to that they were without a Cabinet representative from 1992, if memory serves until 2006. They have been left out for the most part, and it is our hope that having someone appointed from that constituency, someone who is active in that community, that the concerns, the needs of that community will be brought more forcefully to the attention of the government and of the Cabinet,” he explained.

Mr. Brantley added that Ms. Jones’ duties would not be confined to St. Thomas’ but serve all of Nevis, a move that the people of Nevis should welcome.

“Ms. Jones of course will not be restricted to St. Thomas’. She will have the responsibility to advise on matters throughout the island in terms of community, but that constituency and that community in particular.

“I think of course of the people of Craddock Road, the people of Jessups, the people of Barnes Ghaut and Cotton Ground, the people of Westbury, those have been without any formal representation for a very, very, long time in Cabinet, and so having someone who could come and report and direct and advise as to concerns, we feel it is an important initiative which ought to be welcomed by the people of Nevis,” he stated.

Mr. Brantley said of Ms. Jones, that she holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting with a concentration in Finance. She graduated summa cum laude. She has been a teacher, a senior Tax Officer, an Auditor, an assistant Regulator in insurance, and her involvement in the community is very well known. She is currently President of the Rotaract Club of Nevis and has been involved in athletics and Culturama and in a host of community activities.


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