President of the Nevis Cricket Association Keith DIS AND DAT Scarborough has indicated that his Association is well into preparations for the commencement of the 2014 Cricket season on Nevis.

He noted that the strategy that has been adopted is one of INCLUSION as his Association has made the effort to meet with key stakeholders in order to get their input towards making the season a success.

‘We have met with the Umpires; the selectors and the grounds men.  We have heard their concerns and their recommendations and we will be trying to put certain measures in place, based on those recommendations,’ he stated.

He also pointed out that one of the goals of his Association is to acquire sponsorship to assist in paying the Umpires for their effort.

He also indicated that several potential sponsors have been approached for general sponsorship of the various tournaments to be hosted by his Association and he is positive that by the date scheduled for the official opening ceremony for the start of the season, he will be able to make the grand announcement as to which sponsors are on board for 2014.

The next critical meeting is scheduled for today Tuesday at 5pm at the ET Willet Park when his Association will meet with representatives of the various teams and clubs across the island and matters pertaining to the upcoming leagues will be finalized.

The discussions will focus on such areas as days and times for the various tournaments; registration of teams; venues; punctuality at games and other related matters.

According to President Scarborough the proposed schedule established thus far is as follows:

Opening ceremony on 13th February and T-20 game between players in the development squad.

15th February –10/10 competition begins—no registration fee

2nd division commences—Feb 20th – matches will be played on Thursdays at 4.30 and Saturdays and Sundays starting at 1pm
March 1st –First division one day competition begins

April 5th—two day competition in the first division commences

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