Charlestown- Nevis-Questions were raised earlier this week about the list of centenarians on the island of Nevis.

Coordinator of the Seniors’ division at the Social Services Department, Mrs. Garcia Hendrickson, willingly obliged with the updated list of individuals who have achieved the enviable milestone and who are still very much alive on the island.

The full list of persons reaching and surpassing the milestone is:

Celian Powell—Zion village/Flambuoyant Seniors’ home-104-January 19th

Florence Liburd-Craddock Road-101-February 25th

Rosetta Hull-Rawlins village/Flambuoyant seniors’ home-100-May 21st

Doris Claxton-Craddock Road-102-June 22nd

Christabel DOWIE Elliot-Webbe’s Ground-101-July 10th

William Douglas-Butler’s village-102-October 8th

Also looking forward to the significant milestone this year are:

Mary Browne of River Path whose 100th birthday will be on November 1st and Ettie Jeffers of Hickman’s/Flambuoyant Seniors’ home whose birthday will be on November 30th.

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