Nevis Solid Waste Management under New Management

Charlestown—Nevis–Two vibrant young men have been placed at the helm of the Nevis Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA).
Mr. Andrew Hendrickson has been appointed as General Manager of the establishment and Mr. Rudy Browne has been named Operations Manager of the Sanitary land fill located at Long Point.

The appointment for both men started on April 1st and according to Hendrickson, ‘they hit the ground running.’
In an interview on Choice radio on Wednesday 8th April, during the program ‘Refuse News,’ Hendrickson noted that even though that first day on the job was a half holiday, he and Browne visited several key trouble spots in terms of Refuse disposal and made an assessment and recommendations.

Not long after, Browne because of his knowledge of dealing with heavy equipment, was able to deal with a disabled truck and get it back on the road within a few hours, whereas normally that may have been weeks of work.

Hendrickson, who is responsible for the overall management of the NSWMA, noted that he started within the operations from the grass root level, as a driver of one of the trucks.
He noted that during that time, he was ridiculed and laughed at and despite having a sixth form education and beyond, this kind of work and care for the environment is really where his heart is.
He stated that one individual even told him while he was driving the truck: ‘You no see wha you come to? The next thing to happen to you is for them to dump you with the garbage!’
He stated that he took all of the ridicule and made a difference along with his loading team, on the routes that he worked.

He was recently successfully employed at SAGICOR insurance but when he learnt of the vacancy for a manager of the corporation, he seized the opportunity with both hands.
Hendrickson is adamant that he plans to make a difference and he has a vision for the NSWMA.
‘We have a monopoly on waste disposal and we must make that work in our favour,’ he stated passionately. ‘Another thing we have to get the rid of, is the stigma that is placed on the hard working men and women who work for the NSWMA and I aim to ensure that it happens,’ he pledged.

Browne for his part, noted that his experience with dealing with heavy equipment will hold him in good stead as he leads out at the Land fill site. He is already putting measures in place to decrease the overloaded site and putting better management procedures in place for the final disposal area.
‘Those odours, I am accustomed to. You know I operate the back hoe and I dig graves and sometimes while am digging, I may unearth somebody from way back who might pop up to say hello,’ he said.

According to Hendrickson, some firm measures have already been taken to deal with some of the troubled spots on the island. A bin in a problem area in Brown Pasture has been removed, with consideration to be given to the residents who live further up the road and a similar removal has taken place at a point in Cole Hill. Both areas have been badly mismanaged and this has resulted in spillage into the nearby culverts and ghauts.
Hendrickson even vowed that if ever there was a shortage of drivers, he would remove his tie and drive the truck in order to ensure that the work is done. Browne gave a similar commitment.
Both men are committed to speedy and effective service to the community but expect the community members to assist with making sure that Nevis remains a clean and healthy place to live.

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