New Carnival slogan selected

The slogan for the celebration of the Fiftieth Anniversary of carnival in St. Kitts & Nevis has been selected, from a long list of entries submitted over the past few months by citizens across the two islands.

The National Carnival Committee, (NCC), said it was looking for a slogan that would be creative, catchy, simple, and one that would capture the true essence of Sugar Mas 50.

One other important stipulation was that the slogan could not be more than 10 syllables in length.

In response to this appeal, over 200 entries were submitted, after the contest was opened in May this year.

The winning entry chosen is Sugar Mas 50! Fun, Vibe, Energy!

It was penned by Jasmine Warner-Weekes of Sandy Point, St. Kitts.

There is no doubt that when it comes to the kaleidoscope of colour and overall display seen on Parade Day, J’ouvert, and at the Pageants, St. Kitts & Nevis’ carnival produces a great Vibe, filled with Energy and mixed in a melting pot of people, having the greatest Fun that can be imagined anywhere in the world.

Weekes told the Carnival Committee that this was the very first time she entered the competition. “I am very elated to have been told that I am the winner of the Carnival Slogan Competition.”

But Weekes said that she was very surprised when she got the call confirming her as the winner. “I did it just for the fun of it. I have never taken part in a competition of this nature, but because of my love for carnival and culture, I just took the chance to do so.”

“Of course, having missed carnival last year, and being someone who loves the culture and the carnival…I thought I would take a try, and just to give the idea of coming back to a carnival with Fun, Vibe & Energy, I thought it was an appropriate slogan, so that’s why I chose it,” said Weekes.

She was presented with her winning check of $500, on Thursday, 5th August, by the Director of Carnival, Hazel Webster, who congratulated Weekes as the winner on behalf of the NCC and the country.

In 2020, at the height of COVID-19, St. Kitts & Nevis pulled off a remarkable feat when a highly successful Virtual Carnival was staged, featuring competitions in calypso and pan. There was also a Virtual J’ouvert and Icons Night that attracted tens of thousands of viewers throughout the world.

As the Committee looks ahead to the attainment of the important milestone of 50 years, it has been meeting with various stakeholders to discuss ideas that could be incorporated into a celebration this year, but one within the bounds allowed by the protocols governing the fight against COVID-19.

More details are expected shortly from the NCC, regarding the way forward.

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